Bab-Ul-Huda Social Welfare Organization




This registered organization was set up in 2008 to help relieve suffering of the poor and homeless Kashmiri people.The organization has been functioning since 2008 at Subdivision Sehnsa situated at Rawalpindi – Kotli road, at a distance of 100 kilo meters east from Islamabad, 110 kilo meters north from Mirpur and 38 kilo meters west from kotli. Although it has been working for the over all welfare of the poor of the area but its main areas of interest are Health & Education.

Tehsil Sehnsa is considered to be one of the well off Tehsil of the District still a good percentage of the total population of one lac (0.1 million). Subdivision Sehnsa is suffering with worst type of poverty, deprivation and frustration. In education and health sectors they are far behind the rich and none of the private sector organization is so far working for the the betterment of these down trodden people. Under the prevailing situation Bab-UL-Huda Social welfare Organization come into existence with the help of notable philanthropist of local and abroad to rescue these people it completed a journey of 9 years and during this period it made remarkable contributions to needy and poor people of the area in terms of money and material.



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